International Christian Quality Music Secondary and Primary School
International Christian Quality Music Secondary and Primary School



我們期望為本港培育出優秀的本土音樂家和其他專業人才,他們不但有良好的學術和藝術修養、豐富的創意,更有良好的文化氣質、道德操守、使命感,願意獻身本港和祖國,以致整個世界 — 他們正是廿一世紀所需要的人才。




在全日制優質音樂中、小學裡,學生在小學階段已開始接受正規而有系統之基礎音樂教育,而其他科目與一般文法中小學無異,同樣重視兩者互相配合和結合。 優質音樂中、小學形成一個有系統之學制架構,可銜接大學的音樂系或其他學系,對於培訓香港音樂家將有突破性的貢獻,於推動香港之音樂文化藝術發展必定有所幫助。
School Profile
Our Vision and Mission

We love the children of this land, for we were nurtured by the same soil. As we enter into the 21st Century, we care very much about the quality of Hong Kong's next generation, or even China's and how we can nourish them, with whom our future lies.

We are professionals coming from the education, music and other fields, who are willing to sacrifice ourselves for the next generation.
With passion and sincerity, we have established a whole-day quality music secondary and primary school, providing quality Christian and music education.
Students will receive excellent education and be nurtured through the teaching of Biblical Truth and the cradling of music.
We hope to nurture and train up the finest local musicians and other professionals who are not only well cultured academically and artistically, but are also full of creativity, and well-established in cultural awareness, with a high moral standard.
Possessing a keen sense of commitment to both country and God, they are the talents and leaders we need in the 21st Century.

Our beliefs in Music Education

We perceive the importance of music to the growth of children, especially in this age. In a society full of competition and anxiety, even children are often faced with distresses and anxiety. Music can help children alleviate negative emotions and resettle pressure. In recent years, researches have shown that music help develop children’s abstract and logical thinking and spatial intelligence which enhance overall learning ability.

Martin Luther, the German Reformer, once said. “Music is one of the fairest and most glorious gifts of God, for it removes from the heart the weight of sorrow, and the fascination of all evil thoughts!”

In the training of classical music, the graceful and rich opuses of the great composers and musicians of the past purify and bless the souls of students and broaden their horizons for music and creativity. The philosophy of life and experiences of musicians also aspire students to reflect upon life and humanity and pursue truth.

An Outstanding and Well-balanced Education system

Starting from primary education, students in ICQM will receive a well-balanced education offering systematic music training and the fundamental academic subjects provided by regular grammar schools that complement each other. The systematic curriculum of ICQM aligns with the music or other departments in most universities, and also gives innovative contribution to the training of local musicians and the furthering of music and cultural development in Hong Kong.

International Christian Quality Music Secondary and Primary School
International Christian Quality Music Secondary and Primary School
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